Therapy is

Published on 10 - 06 - 2021

Therapy is was first published in Green Ink Poetry's wonderful Discovery collection

The collection asked to explore both physical places and people; I wanted to write about both in this poem, so included some natural imagery that I thought felt evocative

cavernous within it still pools of cool blue water
you might find within it pools of shimmering stalactites
within it many pools of shimmering terrible water
a cavern its roof is high and shimmering with shivering stalactites
and you might find within it watery teardrop stalactites
that shimmer in the deep

cavernous you are pushed against its roof its wet stone you suffocate
expansive a great frozen Scandinavian lake under dancing lights and mile-high pine
freezing you are standing in the middle of it all trying to stay on your feet
you are standing in the middle of a mile-high pine
and you are dripping with shimmering stalactites
frozen there are stalactites sprouting from your feet

hard to reach you have shivered just to get here
hard to see you have travelled many thousands of miles
you have climbed stalactite pines scrambled upon
wet stalactite stone

hard to reach you have climbed with frozen feet
you are cavernous you are travelling
you are deep
you are a cavernous shimmering stalactite
you are pushed under skin you are sliding deep
you are a frozen, shimmering lake
within you you might find
that you are becoming hard to reach