Hive Young Writers' Competition 2020

In September 2020 I was delighted to be declared the winner of the Young Writers' Competition 2020, in the 20-30 age category

You can view the full results on Hive's Website here. Please go and check them out - they are a brilliant organisation who run lots of fantastic workshops for young writers based in Yorkshire (I'm a Manc, but they let me in cause I study across the peaks)

My Entry

I wrote Terror Form in February 2020, and touched it up in September before I sent it off to Hive. I was experimenting with trying to convey the feelings associated with a nightmare, after a spate of vivid dreams that I started noting down. The piece plays with memories of childhood nightmares, recent anxiety-fuelled dreams, and the fear that comes with lying in the dark in an empty house

Here's what Paula Rawsthorne, the Competition's judge, had to say:

"There’s much to marvel at in this beautifully written piece. It’s laden with original, arresting images and inventive turns of phrase. It manages to convey the feverish, anxiety-inducing, ramblings of a nightmare in captivating style."

Terror Form will be published in the Hive Anthology at some point in 2021