Writeup Converter

This is a command-line tool for exporting a folder of markdown notes from Obsidian, and bringing any linked attachments along for the ride. Find the code here

At the time of writing this, there didn't seem to be an official way of doing this - so I built one!

I've used this tool to export my private Obsidian notes to my public repository of Cybersecurity Notes, as well as formatting them to go on this website!

I learned a large number of useful skills when developing this tool:

I also learned a lot about automation in general - namely, to consider whether it's actually worth scripting something or not... This one turned out to be useful just as a learning exercise, and will help me in the long run when my writeup output gets bigger - it will also hopefully be useful to other people. But it's worth evaluating how much time building a tool like this will save you!